Online Marketing (OM) Class :

           The online (Internet) where now the world is revolve around. The impact of Internet (online) , social media in the field of Marketing made me to choose the subject in my core elective though I had few more options.

 In the present scenario almost everyone have few basic knowledge about “Online Marketing” to know the depth of it and to gain more knowledge about OM in point of customer and Marketer the subject will make a path for me and to guide me in the path my OM class and my Faculty in-charge will play a vital role.

Experience in OM class :

          The “online marketing” class will be very realistic as we learn concept as not only in theory but also in practical way with many real time example. Which makes us to learn more effectively. In few classes I came to know about  Impact , Role , Pros & Cons and its Environment in the marketing world. And learnt how one can positively use of his/her social sites and to have a privacy for our sites and many more.Though I have  few social sites like FaceBook , Twitter , Instagram , linkdin , Forums etc.,  after  started learning ‘online’ impact i learned to use it in a effective way..

And regarding this “Blog” the whole credits goes to my lecturer. I really don’t have any idea  about blogs and how to create it and use of it. He made us to know its importance via some real examples and thought us to make it useful. Now I have my own blog and tried to write my first post  – ‘ Thank you sir ‘