Sixth Sense!!! What does it mean?? Well few of you know what it is and few doesn’t know. Even I wasn’t aware of it before 2yrs. When I was doing my UG me and my friend  R Deepika got an opportunity to present a paper on it, but that time we both were not aware what it is. Later we started to search on it and got many information about it. It really creates a interest on us when we read. So here I would like to give a brief information regarding Sixth Sense Technology.

About Sixth Sense Technology

  • Sixth sense is a wearable gestured interface that augment the physical world around us with digital information. It uses natural hand gestures to interact with that information
  • It was developed by  PRANAV MISTRY, a Ph.D. Student in the fluid interfaces group at the MIT media lab.
  • Sixth sense comprises a pocket projector ,a mirror & a camera. The hardware components are coupled in a pendent like mobile wearable devices.

Pranav Mistry






radio freq


  • Make a call

  • Call up a map

  • Check the time

  • Create multimedia reading experience

  • Drawing applications

  • Zooming features & Edit pictures

  • Get flight updates

  • Take pictures

  • Etc..,

Sixth sense recognizes the object around us , displaying the information automatically & letting us to access it in any way we need.Allowing us to interact with this information via natural hand gestures.This will enable individual to make their own application depending upon needs and information.


To know more about it , visit this site.

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