Bhopal Gas Tragedy, AGNIHOTRA / homa / homam/havan


Bhopal gas tragedy  !!! I hope everyone know about it. But is that you all know two families got saved , because they do Havan  in their home!!! Surprising right? Ya even when I read about this in Tamil magazine (last year), I was surprised how it is possible? But later I read the whole article and got to know the scientific reason behind it. So I would to share the information  read regarding this.

The tragic incident occurred on the night of December 3, 1984 when the poisonous MIC gas leaked from Union Carbide factory at Bhopal. Hundreds of people died and thousands were hospitalized, but there were two families – those of Shri Sohan Lal S Khushwaha and Shri M.L. Rathore, living about one mile away from the plant who came out unscathed. These families were regularly performing agnihotra (havan). In these families nobody died, nobody was even hospitalized despite being present in the area worst affected by the leakage of the toxic gas. This observation implies that agnihotra is a proven antidote to pollution. (English Daily-“The Hindu’ of 4-5-85; news item under the heading ‘Vedic Way to Beat Pollution’.)


The ingredients that added to the havan like Dry Cow dung, wood, ghee, rice grains etc, when we light up in fire it removes all unwanted bacteria and purifies the area.


Scientific Experiment of Agnihotra

Link —  Experiment


Every rituals have a scientific reason behind it. Just try to find out and follow the rituals, it is for our safety and necessity.


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