This is the post is dedicated to my MBA – C (Champions) buddies , I can’t believe we are going to complete MBA, its like we joined yesterday.quite long post as i mentioned all 46 ppl. i hope i did not hurt anyone.

Starting with my CC

BALA sir Mr.K . Balachandar – Our CC, Mentor Who thought us many things in MBA not only academics also many practical things. One of my Favorite professor , he always guided and supported us whenever we need and also make us understand if we are wrong. The activities given by him will be interesting to do. Well  its difficult to predict/judge him at times , which is one of the hurdle. I have never seen him much angry but once in “Consumer Behaviour” class first time we saw him in anger,  along with his anger he thought us the reality of life and we could able to sense his feelings. He is a dedicated person, involve himself in various activities and also try to teach us his learning.He is the person who initiated to start a blog. I’m so happy to have Bala sir as my CC. – Thank you sir – Lots of Respect


Aadithyan J G

The initiator (initiator in viva) my fav friend #Brother sweetest person, when I saw him first I thought he is very quite will not speak much , but he turned opposite. And his voice ahh really a loud speaker hehe. He will be always present on my best times. He always have a big smile in his face, which makes others also happy. I know he do have lots of feelings but will not show it out.  “Kuch Bhi Karega For Candyman” haha can’t able to forget this line. Games addict even 24*7 someone asked him to play games he will do it without any objection. And fond of many English series.

This is how JG will be when he come out from viva haha


Adithiyan A

“Engal Anna” haha he have many sisters in our class. Our first ‘Rep’ still now in my contact list I have saved his name as ‘Rep’. Good friend to all. He have always given utmost care to his close ones. He will be my good friend always

Afreen Banu

Afu sweetest girl. The girl who really care for everyone. She always want all to be happy and together.  My mind reader she can correctly predict me and my mood. She always supported me in all situation. Talkative , she always advice others but she never follows anything. I think one of the similarities between me and her is, we want our class friends to go out together or celebrate together, that somehow made possible in our CC’s B’day celebration and our last day. But still missed many people. We tired to call each and everyone individually also but still. She always try to entertain others. But ya short temper I hope she controls herself.

Ali Ibrahim

Ali the talented young man and yes angry young man as well . he always engage him in various activities and also pay attention to his friends . but if he didn’t like something he will try to avoid it completely. Straight forward, dedicated.


Poo simple and lovely friend. She always tried to have friendship with all. Bit sensitive she can’t able to bare the hurt easily mainly in friendship. My first ever outing was with her. She me and jp. One of the good friend I got in sona.

Anusha Nepal

Anusha Nepal from Nepal, aww my sweetie pie. Lovely girl with so much of sweetness. Wonderful singer. Very softness and kindheartedness always make me to be close with her. She will have a laughing face all the day. Studious girllll, coffee lover.


,Bruce, talented but will not use it many times. Talkative and late comer always hehe. Laptop and dongle her fav timepass in college.


Fun loving girl. She always prefer happiness. She loves to enjoy with friends. Give her full dedication to the work.

Banu Priya

The chatter box, she can even talk 24*7 without sleep. She always does kiddish things. she likes to roam out with friends.

Bharathi Kannan

My Co – Name sharing brother. In my 17yrs of education (LKG – UG) I have never had a person with my name. My study partner in exams, who believed me that I’ll also teach something hehehe. He helped me many times. Always supported me, and advised me in my hard times. Hehe  on his b’day ppl even wish me aswell in group “happy b’day bharathi” haha. One of best person I met in sona.


Bhuvi studious and talented girl. Cute and friendly. She will never try to hurt anyone. A good friend

Divya Gupta

Idly , Gupatha , MM(all know the abbreviation so I don’t to reveal here) how many names haha.i know from my UG we became friends in last 3 semesters of college. And in MBA we joined together and luckily end up in same section and sat together. Pure hearted girl, never even think of negative about others. She is a Odd person. She always start doing any work at first. She became much studious in MBA. She work to hard in assignments and exams. She have many inner feeling which is hurting her to the core but she will never say it out to other rather have a smile on her face and make others happy.


Cute girl and a lovely friend. Bit sensitive , loves to go out with friends. Wishing her to get her desired life.


He try hard to come out of his barriers and try to remove the hurdles. Good friend. He couldn’t able to  attend both celebration in class. Wish him all success in life

Ganesh Kumar

Singer The person who calls me Radhu haha, busy man hardly we meet him now-a-days but whenever we meet we have a good chat. I wish him to achieve his dreams and become a playback singer


Sweet girl, silent in class but opposite outside hehe. Good friend

Jagadish Prabhu

Good friend, Madurai paiyan. Outspoken he will directly what he wanna to say , selfie stick of the group. Great companion to all friends. Caring person


JP in short. Sweet friend , good artist will always help friends in their need. Dedicated to the work, responsible girl.


Energy girl !!! I became close to her in this semester . I could realize I missed her friendship in my 1st yr. sweetest and lovely person. She will not give much attention to the negativity happening around. She hide her sorrow with her beautiful smile. Topper in UG. Talented girl and my lovely friend


Good friend, technical worker. Help others all the time when they need

Josephine Mimosa

Joes cuteee girl, highly emotional . love hangout with friends. Love Gulab Jamun a lott , haha can’t able to forget how she grabbed the gulab jamun in jayashree’s home haha. I really wish her to get the desired life

Karthikeyan . N

Master for all haha. Great friend and brother, its difficult to predict him sometimes. Awesome person and interest in learning hindi was superb. Wish him all success

Kartikeyan . P

Good friend with helping tendency


Mr.Bond , sweet friend. Responsive to friends. Always like to Hangout with group and somehow manage to study well also. He will various in face  reaction on stage while giving any presentation haha


The person who mostly focus on economy related stuffs. Good friend , hard worker

Mathan Raj

Mathan  wonderful person. kind hearted and very helpful. he is very friendly and a responsible rep.

Mohamed Ajmal

Ajju sweetest boy of our of the Best person in class..  quite, talented, friendly  etc


Nandu sweet girl. Lovely friend , always have a big smile on her face. One of the best girl in class.


Pandu , good friend. Sometimes prefer silent. Who enjoy fighting with divya gupta always they both have a cat fight

Parthiban Ravi

Talented guy, close friend of mani, hardworker .


Pavi the most silent girl in class. I don’t know how it is possible for u, wherein its hard for some people to be quite even for a min , including me haha. Lovely friend she is.


Good boy, and a good friend, helper.


Pragya multitalented girl. Whenever she comes to my home she will end up in sleep in her favourite place hehe. We made her to cook on her b’day in my home , and yes trust food was awesome. She is good teamworker and focused girl. I’m waiting for to accomplish her dream Asap , so that I can know “WHAT THAT SHE DREAM OFF” , “That I dream off” is her status everywhere so I want to know what is it.


Lovely girl and good friend. She always support her friends in all times. Her Mobile plays a vital role in class haha. Outspoken.


Silent girl, sweetest person. Will not create any rift with people. she will be waiting for the class to over so that she can run to home haha. Studious girl. My favourite friend. No one can hate her she so sweet.


Guruji !!! sweetest friend of all. Pure hearted person, emotional at times, will be swiping the mobile always. Responsible person

Sarmila chhetri

Saruu sweetie girllll, her voice her character everything is sweet, its hard for someone to be rude with her also haha. Very helpful, so much of caring. Talented as well. Love her style of cutting veggies. I’m so happy to be her friend


Sasi my helper at many times. Sorry for troubling u , good friend and caring person


Virtue haha really doesn’t know y this name for u haha. Great friend , lovely person. Great supporter. Savior of me and gupta in exams(1st yr) and my partner all times. He will spend most of his time in cricket ground.

Shanmuga priya

Shan missing u girl. Don’t know where u r now. But one the sweet girl, architect of our class. Hope you are happy in your life. tc


Fashion and makeup queen. Make herself so perfect, lovely girl. Prefer to hangout with friends all times but focus on studies and career as well


Tamil talented person of our class. Be up-to-date in current affairs, focused and hardworker and a good friend.


Selfie paiyan, the person who will never forget to take selfie daily. Great friend, caring and help all times. He also want a group pic with all friends and we both have one plan lets see how we will make it possible.


Vimu, my favourite girl, first friend in class. Strong girl with more will power. Inspite of some hurdles , she comes out and prove herself to others. Talkative , hardworker, dedicated to work. No words to explain I guess she will understand what I feel for her.

Vinoth Kannan

Good friend, sometimes silent have helping tendency and a nice person


Good friend, he always prefer to hangout with friends than being class. But he will get what he want. Happy person


sharing our happy moments




will share my thoughts about others friends and professors in MBA in next post (probably after exam)