Don't rub your eyes

As we all know eyes are one of the sensitive part of human body, its important to take care of it. Now-a-days the environment is polluted , dust , small insects become common. When those dust fell into eyes we usually rub our eyes. But please do not do that.

I want to share my pain and bad experience when I rub my eyes

When I was studying 10th std , one day evening I got some dust in my left eye and rubbed my eye but still I felt it didn’t go then I rubbed it hardly after few minutes I couldn’t able to open my left eye, something was hurting me very badly. Then I used water but no use, then my mom took me to home after sometimes tears started coming form my eyes but still I couldn’t able to open my left eye. None was in home to help us later my mom took me to ophthalmologist , then he tested me and told that my eyeball got little scratch because I rubbed the eye hardly. Dust might be a tiny hard particle and when I rubbed my eye it scratch my eye.

Then it took nearly 4 days to get back my normal vision. In span of once in  30 min time doc. Prescribed me to put the eye drops.


Small suggestions 

So, yes please do not rub your eyes , when you feel of dust in eye just close your eyes for 2min automatically water along with dust will come out or wash you eyes with fresh water. If you feel more pain then don’t wait just consult with ophthalmologist.

Here i found some simple remedies to get rid of dust from eyes

Remove Dust From Eyes


Thank You